School of Public Administration

         In 2002, School of Public Administration was established by Inner Mongolia University through adjusting the disciplines and integrating the relevant resources, in accordance with the strategic adjustment as well as the new situation of the economic and social development in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

School of Public Administration consists of five teaching units: Department of Administrative Management, Department of Public Affairs Management, Department of Labor and Social Security, Department of Land Resources Management and Department of Political Science; three research platforms: Emergency Management Research Center of  the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Philosophy and Social Sciences Research Center of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region “Inner Mongolia Social Governance and Innovation Research Center” and Big Data Research Center in the Minority Region, and teaching and research assisting units such as the library, E-government Laboratory and Psychology Laboratory, etc. It offers Master Program in Public Administration(level 1), Master Program in Political Science Theory(level 2), and the Professional Master Program, Master of Public Administration(MPA). It offers five undergraduate majors: Administrative Management, Public Affairs Administration, Labor and Social Security, Land Resources Management, and Political Science and Administration and also Dual-Degree Bachelor Program in Administrative Management and E-government.

By September 2015, there are 46 faculty members at School of Public Administration, including 10 professors, 12 associate professors and 20 lecturers; 3 doctoral supervisors and 19 master supervisors and 28 teachers with doctorate and 12 teachers studying in pursuit of in-service doctorate. All the teachers under the age of 45 have Master Degree. Currently, School of Public Administration has a total number of 1554 students at all levels, of whom there are 792 undergraduates, 100 postgraduate students, and 390 MPA students, including 176 full-time MPA students.

Since its establishment, School of Public Administration has invariably adhered to the principle of “acting locally and thinking nationally” with the focus of cultivating talents and constructing disciplines, thus raising the level of education. Administrative Management is the key discipline cultivated by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. School of Public Administration offers Master Programs in Public Administration (level 1), and Political Science Theory(level 2) respectively.  Master of Public Administration (MPA) is the first batch authorized by Inner Mongolia, and the second in China. Among the undergraduate majors, Public Affairs Management, Administrative Management, and Political Science and Administrative Science are Brand Majors in Inner Mongolia.

Based on the situation of economic and social development in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and China, the school accords priority to the interdisciplinary and comprehensive advantages, and then promotes scientific research with national and regional characteristics. The school devotes itself to the modernization of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, continuously improves its ability of social service, cooperates extensively with the local government, and cultivates all kinds of public administrative talents at all levels, therefore, making an important contribution to the sound and rapid development of economy and society in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and China. The school actively engages in academic exchanges, establishes relationships with more than 20 counterparts of universities at home and abroad, such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, City University of Hong Kong and University of Missouri, and attends and hosts national and regional academic exchanges actively.

       In the future development, the school will bring into full play its advantages of Inner Mongolia University as a university constructed by Inner Mongolia and the Ministry of Education, a key university of “211 Project” and an engineering university promoted by “Project of Promoting Comprehensive Strength of Higher Institutions in the Central and Western Regions”, and strive to become a teaching and research center for the Public Management and Political Science taking the lead in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and exerting influence across China, a training center for high-quality talents, and an important policy-making consulting center for the Party Committees and governments as well as an important center for academic exchanges.

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