Manchuria College

  Manchuria College and Manchuria Russian Vocational College are two state-funded colleges established by the approval of the People’s Government of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. At present, the two colleges share the same resources in education, teaching and management, and implement the full-time undergraduate education and higher vocational education respectively, devoting them to cultivate the Russian talents, and versatile and practical talents with “Russian plus profession” education for the Northward Opening Strategy.

Two colleges offer 10 undergraduate majors including Russian Language and Literature and 10 higher vocational majors including Applied Russian. Among them, Applied Russian was enlisted in fund-supported programs for higher vocational colleges to improve the vocational service and career development by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance in 2012. So far, the number of students is nearly 2,000.

Since their founding in 2008, the colleges’ education orientation and development direction have been recognized and supported by the leaders at all levels and received attention and recognition from higher educational institutions at home and abroad. The Party and State leaders, Liu Yunshan and Jiang Shusheng, and the leaders of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Batar and Li Pengxin inspected the colleges and extended the best wishes.

For several years, the colleges have attached importance to educational characteristics with the teaching mode of double foreign languages(English plus Russia), by establishing Center of Russian Studies, giving the priority to three majors including Russian, Tourism Management and International Finance and Trade, recruiting excellent faculty members, reinforcing the construction of faculty members and cultivating students with the Core Values of Socialism through the various cultural activities on campus.

For several years, the colleges have explored the mode of cooperating with the neighboring universities in Russia and signed co-operation agreements with over 10 Russian universities, sent students to study in Baikal State University of Economy and Law and Post-Baikal State University, enrolled Russian students and offered them medium-term or short-term Chinese language courses.

For several years, the colleges have paid attention to employment, with the annual employment rate of graduates exceeding 90% and that of higher vocational graduates exceeding 95%.

From now on, in the process of taking the opportunities to upgrade the educational scale and reinforcing the strength, the colleges put more emphasis on characteristics and connotation, with the hope of winning a place in the China’s higher educational reform and development.

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