College of Computer Science(College of Software Engineering)

College of Computer Science, whose predecessors are the Major of Computer established in 1978 and Department of Computer Science established in 1988, was founded in 1997. College of Software Engineering founded in 2005 is an entity with College of Computer Science but with two names. At present, the college consists of four departments: Department of Computer Science, Department of Software Engineering, Department of Information Engineering Management and Computing Center (Experimental Center). There are four key laboratories and engineering laboratories of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, such as Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing, Mongolian Information Processing Technology, Data Mining and Knowledge Engineering, and Cloud Computing and Service Software.

The college offers five Bachelor Degree Programs: Computer Science and Technology, Information Management and Information System, Electronic Commerce, Software Engineering and Network Engineering. Approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, it offers a Doctoral Program in Computer Application Technology, 3 Master Programs in Computer Science and Technology, Management Science and engineering, and Software Engineering(level 1), and 2 Master Degree of Engineering programs in Computer Technology and Software Engineering. Computer Science and Technology is a distinctive discipline at the state level and Computer Application Technology is the key discipline of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

    Currently, there are 73 faculty members, including 65 full-time faculty members and 8 teaching-assisting personnel, among whom there are 15 professors, 21 associate professors, including 38 teachers with doctorate degree accounting for 60% of the total and 6 teachers with doctorate degree aboard. There are 11 doctoral supervisors (two part-time doctoral supervisors), and 37 master supervisors. Among the teachers, 1 expert enjoys the special allowance of the State Council, and 1 was selected in the “New Century Excellent Talents Support Plan” of the Ministry of Education. There are 3 Young and Middle-aged Experts of Outstanding Contributions, 4 “Grassland Elites” and 5 “321 Talents in the New Century” of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

School of Computer Science has formed its distinct advantages in such areas as Mongolian Intelligent Information Processing, Computer Networks, Software Formalization Methods and Computing Traffic Science, to some extent, exerting influences at home and abroad. The teams of “Network Protocol Engineering and Intelligent Information Processing” and “Cloud Computing and Software Engineering” have been selected as the Science and Technology Innovation Teams of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the team of the Research and Development of Mongolian Software has been selected in the Industry Innovation Talent Teams of Grassland Elites of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. In recent years, the college has conducted more than 60 scientific research projects at the provincial and ministerial level or above, including 27 projects of National Natural Science Fund of China, 2 key projects of the Ministry of Education, 6 projects of the Development Foundation of Electronic Information Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Telecommunications, and 5 major and key projects of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. 9 scientific research achievements have won Scientific and Technological Progress Award at the provincial and ministerial level, and 3 teaching achievements have been awarded the second prize of Outstanding Teaching Achievements of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Currently, there are about 1,100 undergraduates, 250 master students, 120 master students of engineering and 30 doctoral students.

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