New book focuses on Mongolian diet customs

The latest addition to The Illustrated Book of Mongolian Ethnic Group focuses on Mongolian customs. [Photo/imu.edu.cn]

A new book has been published by a professor from Inner Mongolia University that focuses on Mongolian diet customs, according to university officials.

The book is called The Illustrated Book of Mongolian Ethnic Group – Volume of Diet, the officials added.

The author is a professorof the IMU School of Ethnology and Sociology.

Until now the set of books called The Illustrated Book of Mongolian Ethnic Group has comprised  eight volumes, including books on clothing, houses, cultural relics, handicrafts, art and historical sites.

University officials said The Illustrated Book of Mongolian Ethnic Group is one of the key national book publishing projects in the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) and is a special funding project for ethnic group publishing.

They said that the author of the latest book in the series drew on photographs he took over a period of 15 years.

These were combined with perspectives gained on dietary anthropology and film anthropology, to explore the relationship between Mongolian dietary culture and grassland ecological environment -- depicting the characteristics and connotation of the Mongolian dietary culture.

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