IMU leaders visit and salute staff still on duty during Spring Festival holiday

On the morning of January 31 2022 Liu Zhiyu, secretary of IMU CPC Committee and some other university leaders respectively went to the south and north campuses of IMU to visit and salute the staff who were still on duty during the Spring Festival holiday, and conveyed their festival greetings and Spring Festival blessings to the staff on duty.

The leaders of IMU successively went to the campus gates, duty room of the campus-patrolling security guards, the center for operation and management of electricity and water, greening section, cafeterias, dormitories, university hospital and duty room of IMU drivers team which are respectively under the administration of the university’s Security Division, Logistics Management Division and Aodu Assets Management Company and saluted and expressed their solicitude to the staff who were still on duty. Everywhere they went, the university leaders warmly greeted the staff on duty and conveyed the blessings of the Spring Festival to them and their families on behalf of the university. The leaders thanked the staff for their long-term hard work and contributions they made, and hoped they could fulfill their duties as before and did well in the service during the Spring Festival.


The staff on duty felt the warmth from the visits and solicitude. They said that they would perform their duties with stronger will and enthusiasm so as to ensure that the whole staff of the university had a happy and auspicious Spring Festival

The heads of the Office of Party and Administration Affairs, Division of Students’ Affairs, Trade Union, Security Division and Aodu Assets Management Company were with the university leaders during the visits.

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